Activities with children in Andalusia

Activities for children in Andalusia, are easy to find. The surrounding area of Finca Las Nuevas offers numerous nice activities. On the Costa del Sol you will find the larger attractions, but there are also nice things for children in the inlands of Andalusia.

Below we’ll give you some examples. But there is much more to do. Like go-karting, visiting a museum, butterfly park, zoo or an aquapark

Walking through a river

This fantastic walk at Barranco Blanco is the perfect activity for children on hot days. You walk upstream via a narrow path, but soon go through refreshing cold water and finally, you end up at a natural lake, where you can swim. Don’t forget to bring your picnic!

Swimming in a beautiful lake

Splashing in the turquoise green storage reservoir. It is extremely cool to go out on the lake on a pedal boat with a slide and then float and play in the middle of the lake. You can also rent a canoe. In the summer months, there is also a large inflatable course in the water which is certainly popular among older children.

Climbing through the forests

It is really fun to climb between the trees at the high rope park in Marbella. There are different tracks varying from easy to difficult. You wear a safety harness when you walk from tree to tree over ropes or through a zipline.

Wolf park

Near Antequera, you can observe wolves in their natural habit in Lobo park. The enthusiastic caretakers are happy to tell you more about the wolves and there are special full moon evening tours. Let’s hope they don’t change into werewolves!


For thrillseekers is the outdoor skydiving simulator a great experience. How cool is that, to fly like a bird in the sky. And you don’t need to jump from a plane. No experience is needed.

Bad weather 

It does not happen a lot, but in case it is raining, have a look at this page with fun activities with children.



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