Andalusian whitewashed mountain villages

In the inland of Andalusia you will find many picturesque villages that seem to be attached to the mountain, such as Álora, Cártama, Mijas Pueblo and Frigiliana. In these villages, fiestas are regularly organized. They give a nice insight into Andalusian party life.


We believe this village is the most authentic one. It is located between three large mountains and on top of a mountain a castle ruin is located. There are many narrow streets in the village, some of them steep and with stairs and village life takes place in the central square with restaurants, bars and terraces.

Especially on weekday mornings it is cosy and crowded here with loudly speaking Spaniards. This is also the best time to visit the village. Always respect the siesta. After 2 pm and before 6 pm you have the streets almost to yourself; everyone is at home and shops are closed.


Cártama only has a relatively small authentic centre. A beautiful path winds up from this old centre. There is a small white church and, a little higher, a ruin of a fortress. From here you can enjoy a nice view of the Guadalhorce valley. You can make nice walks here.

Mijas Pueblo

On the Costa, you have the modern high-rise building of Mijas, but if you go into the mountains you will find a whitewashed mountain village called Mijas Pueblo. This is a tourist village with lots of souvenir shops. Some people hate it, others love it!

The village is beautiful and it is nice to walk through the narrow streets with blue flower pots on the walls. The main square is always filled with tourists. There is no siesta in this village.

Our tip

We love to take a walk through the mountains above Mijas. Especially in winter and in spring/autumn you can enjoy a sunny walk, a nice view of Mijas and the sea and sometimes you can even see Africa. After 1,5 hours you will reach the village. We often eat an ice cream or drink a good coffee at Mijas Monkey and children can enjoy a workshop on chocolate bar making.


This tourist village is located to the north of seaside resort Nerja. It is larger than Mijas and you can stroll through the car-free streets and, now and then, enjoy a beautiful view of the Mediterranean. A visit to this village can be combined with Nerja, a day at the beach or a walk through the river.