Bad weather activities with children in Andalusia

Andalusia has more than 300 sunny days a year. Suppose, you are unlucky and have bad weather during your holiday in Andalusia. We have found some activities for you and your children.

If you would like to stay at home you can enjoy games and books in our holiday homes but you can also order packages to bake and decorate your own cookies.

Make your own chocolate bar

This workshop in Mijas Pueblo is perfect for chocolate lovers. You can make your own chocolate bars. Of course, you must first taste the ingredients! This used to be our kids’ favourite activity and actually both they and we still like doing it.

Car museum – Málaga

Even people who don’t like cars love this museum. The museum is a combination of cars and haute couture. From super old cars to ultra-modern solar-powered cars including mannequins with beautiful clothes.

Music Museum MIMA in Málaga

How nice is it if children can finally touch something in a museum and you don’t always have to say as a parent that they are not allowed to? In this interactive music museum children can make music on one of the many musical instruments.

Trampoline park

In this trampoline park children and perhaps also parents can lose their energy. The park was opened in 2018 and offers many trampolines, horizontal and with a slope against the wall, a foam block box, a trapeze, a bar for fights with a foam block stick and so much more.

Downstairs you will find a cinema and a game centre with a bowling alley. The bowling alley is somewhat dated.


Many films are dubbed in Spain, but there are possibilities to see a movie in the original language. That is indicated by ‘Vose’. The cinema in La Trocha shopping mall has English movies on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Shopping centre Plaza Mayor in Málaga has English movies at Yelmocines.

Activities with children when the rain has stopped

If you want to have some ideas for some outdoor activities for you and your children have a look at this page.