Corona proof holiday home in Spain

Coronaproof holiday home with lots of private space is what you want nowadays with the COVID-19 going around. Luckily we have such a place. Like anyone else we cannot guarantee that our holiday homes are Coronaproof. But we can guarantee you, that we do our utmost best to minimalize the possibility of contamination.

Should I book my holiday now or should I wait?

Are you also longing for a holiday abroad? That is so different from a holiday in your own country, where everyone speaks your language, where all supermarkets have the same routings and where the wheater is disappointing at times. The question remains. Can we travel this summer? But …

Suppose we CAN travel… You would not want to be the one who can’t find a flight or a cosy holiday home which makes you stay in your own backyard in the end, won’t you?

We acknowledge your struggle, is it wise to book your holiday or not? That’s why you can rent your holiday home and in case the corona situation changes, your payment will be kept and you can change your arrival date, without losing your money.

Would it not be lovely to look forward to a lovely holiday in the sun, in new surroundings, where you hear people speaking Spanish while you are sipping your sangria on the terrace and you totally forget all of the past year?

We do understand you might have questions related to the measurements against Corona. These are the Coronaproof measurements we take:

Hand sanitiser

Near the parking area and the welcome sign, you’ll find a bottle of hand sanitiser to clean your hands.


If you want a contact-free check-in, we will leave the key in the door and you can make yourself at home. We’ll give you some instructions about the house by WhatsApp.

Main terrace and barbecue

Each house has its own private terrace. But we also have the main terrace. The seats are separated by 2 meters. If you want to use the barbecue, you can tell us before. We’ll make sure the area is clean and you have the place to yourself.

You have a big place to cook and to enjoy your meal. Afterwards, we will clean it for the next guests.


Our shared pool will be open, but we need to ask for your cooperation. To open the pool we need to make sure everyone can keep their social distance. Therefore we ask you to use the pool for a maximum of 15 minutes. To give other guests also the option to enjoy the pool at the same time.

If everyone takes turns you do not need to book a time slot in advance. Of course, if no one is in the pool, you are welcome to use it for a longer period.


The sunbeds are placed in groups with a two-meter separation. Before use, you can clean your bed. At the pool, you will find paper towels and a cleaning spray to disinfect the beds.


As always we will clean your house before your arrival. The towels, bath mat, shower curtain and bed-and kitchen linen will be washed at a high temperature. Besides vacuum cleaning and mobbing, we use disinfection materials to clean the house.



From 2 nights