Hiking trails through the river in Andalusia

In summer, the mercury rises in Andalusia and you must really plan your hikes. An entire day in the sun is way too much. Below hikes through a river are really refreshing and fun to do with children, who usually don’t like walking.

Barranco Blanco

Barranco Blanco, located between the villages Coín and Alhaurin el Grande, is half hour drive from Finca las Nuevas. It’s a perfect place for a walk, lunch and a refreshing dive.

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The hike starts a bit boring, but as soon as you have reached the Alaminos river, you will imagine yourself being in paradise. The river winds through the rocks and provides lush plant growth along the banks. Now and then you can follow a path along the river, but sooner or later you have to continue your walk through the refreshing water.

Don’t forget to put on sturdy shoes that can get wet and bring a waterproof bag for your belongings. If you want to stay a little bit longer, don’t forget to bring drinks and food. You will not find a better picnic spot!

Now and then you scramble over large stones and sometimes you wade up to your waist through the water. After thirty minutes you will reach a kind of gorge where the water is much deeper and you can show your Tarzan and Jane skills on a rope and go swimming.

Would you like to see more beautiful things? Then, continue swimming and climb up. You will now reach a beautiful waterfall!

Hike through the Río Chillar

Did you like the hike at Barranco and do you want more? The Río Chillar is also a spectacular experience. You can combine this hike near Nerja with a visit to this seaside resort, the white mountain village Frigiliana or the beautiful beaches of Maro or Canatarriján. The route goes upstream through a gorge where you regularly walk in the water. At the end, you will find a couple of waterfalls.