Ronda, the most spectacular place of the province of Málaga

Ronda is a city that appeals to the imagination of many people. It is one of the oldest cities in Spain and was founded in the 9th century before Christ. Undoubtedly, the most prominent place of this city is the impressive bridge over the deep El Tajo gorge, which separates the city into two parts. The route from Finca Las Nuevas to Ronda either goes through the beautiful mountains of National Park Sierra de las Nieves or through the Andalusian inland. 

Sights of interest

The old city (La Ciudad), on the south side of the El Tajo gorge, largely dates from the Islamic period, when it was an important cultural centre with mosques and palaces. In the 19th century romantic period, Ronda attracted many international artists and authors.
It is wonderful to stroll both through the old and the new city. There are various museums and you can admire the well-preserved remains of the 14th-century Moorish bathhouse. In the new city, you can enjoy a nice view over the low-lying area of Ronda.

The surroundings of Ronda

If you have some time left, it is also nice to see the surroundings of Ronda and perhaps you even have time and energy to visit the spectacular gorge.
A few kilometres outside Ronda you will find La Cueva del Gato, the cat’s cave. This cave is part of a large limestone cave system with various underground gorges, lakes and rivers. There is so much water here, due to the nearby nature reserve Sierra de Grazalema, which has the most rain in Spain every year. Once, people thought about starting a hydropower installation here. As a result, the watercourse changed and the water made its way out, creating the cat’s cave.
When you arrive at the lake before the cave, you will imagine yourself being in paradise. The water is crystal-clear and has a beautiful green colour. It is surrounded by beautiful trees. It’s really a fantastic place to relax and cool down. We thought the water was quite cold!