Things to do in Málaga?

Málaga is a bustling port city, a forty-minute drive from Finca Las Nuevas. From the centre, you can walk to the beach. A few years ago, the city centre was transformed into a car-free area and buildings have been restored.

Therefore, it is great to wander through the old city. We can write a lot of pages about all highlights of Málaga, but we will list the best things.

Museums in Málaga

In case of bad weather or if it is very hot outside, it’s a good idea to visit a museum. We really loved the Carmen Thyssen museum. It offers a beautiful exposition of Spanish masters and paintings with Spanish scenes.

Of course, you should definitely visit the Picasso museum. The world-famous painter Picasso was born in Málaga and his birthplace (which we found not very interesting) at the Plaza de Merced can still be visited. Perhaps it’s a good idea to buy an online entrance ticket for the Picasso museum, otherwise, you have to stand in line.

Nice museums for children, read more.

Alcazaba and Gibralfaro

The Gibralfaro castle/fortress towers over the city. The climb up is definitely worth it, because you will get a beautiful view over the harbour and the city in return. Even if you don’t want to visit the museum it is nice to enjoy this view.

You can still walk over the Moorish defence wall. A little lower, at the Gibralfaro mountain, you will find the Alcazaba, a kind of miniature Alhambra with beautifully decorated walls.


Calle Larios is the largest shopping street in Málaga. It runs from the port, through the Tourist Info Center into the city. The shops are filled with big, well-known brands. We recommend that you also visit the smaller alleys, with nice small shops.


In contrast to large stores, these small shops take a siesta, so they are usually closed between 2 pm and 5 pm and on Saturday afternoons.

Free sightseeings in Málaga

On Sunday afternoons you can visit many cultural highlights free of charge, such as above mentioned museums and much more. The times vary a little bit; some are open from 2 pm, others from 4 pm.

Parking places or train

We always prefer to park the car at Muelle Uno. This is a spacious and large parking garage at the port. From this parking garage you can easily reach the beach and through a beautiful park full of tropical plants and trees you can walk into the city centre of Málaga.

If you don’t feel like going to Málaga by car, you can take the train to Málaga- Alameda in Cártama. You will then reach the city centre within fifteen minutes.