Unique walking route in Málaga; National Park El Torcal

The province of Málaga has many beautiful nature reserves. Each area is unique and looks completely different. From Finca las Nuevas you can already admire the special rock massif of National Park El Torcal.

The mountain towers above the sloping landscape. Initially, it looks like a normal rock, but as you get closer, a completely new world opens up to you. Discovering one of the most beautiful limestone landscapes on foot, by bike or by car, guarantees a fantastic day out.


A hundred million years ago, this area was below sea level. Due to the powerful movements in the earth’s crust, this area has been pushed up to limestone mountains of 1300 meters high. As limestone is a soft rock, wind and rain had the opportunity to form mountains for millions of years. This resulted in the beautiful rocks we can still admire today. The rocks appear to be balancing, like a stack of pancakes.

The area

Everywhere you look, you will be amazed by the spectacular rock formations. The environment has something mystical. Although this is a tourist attraction, nature is beautiful. If you are lucky you can observe the mountain goats or ibex jumping from rock to rock.


Before you drive to El Torcal, first check if there is no big cloud above the mountain. If so, bring an extra sweater/jacket, because the temperature on top of the mountain can be 10 degrees lower. If you have a couple of more days, we would recommend you to visit El Torcal another day, so you will definitely enjoy a magnificent view.

Parking and walking routes

At weekends and holidays, it can be very crowded. There is limited parking space on top of the mountain, so you might have to park your car at the foot of the mountain and continue by bus or on foot. On top of the mountain, next to the parking place, there is a visitor centre with a small restaurant. This is where the signposted walking routes start.

We advise you to bring your own lunch package, so you can find a unique picnic spot and enjoy this magical place a bit longer.