Walking in National Park Sierra de las Nieves

Our swimming pool offers a nice view of the beautiful mountains of Sierra de las Nieves. In the evening you can enjoy the sunset and a sky that changes in many shades of orange. This National Park offers endless walking routes.

It stretches from Ronda in the west, Istan in the south to Tolox in the east and Yunquera in the north. These mountains are called the Snowy Mountains. In winter, our terrace often offers a nice view of the snow-covered mountain peaks. The highest peak is 2000 meters high.

Short and long walks

We still have a lot to discover in this National Park. We have a map of this area which you can borrow and we can share our experiences about a couple of hikes in Tolox. You can also find these routes in the E-Book.


Tolox is a white Andalusian mountain village known for its spa. Don’t expect you can enjoy lovely massages here. The somewhat dilapidated building is still used. Many people come to this Balneario to inhale the spring water which helps against asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory allergies.

This area completely differs from the surrounding area of Finca Las Nuevas. There are different trees and plants. Sometimes, it even looks subtropical. The walk mentioned in the E-Book is perfect for kids as well.

The other walk is longer and leads through the mountains, with some cork oaks, and back along a river bed and through the village. As mentioned, there are several walking routes. You can borrow our map to set off and discover this beautiful, versatile area.