Watching flamingos in Andalusia at Lagoon Fuente de Piedra

Watching flamingos at the lagoon ‘Fuente de Piedra’  is a joyful day trip for birdwatchers. But actually for everyone who wants to spot these pink big birds. The lagoon is located in the northwest of the province of Málaga, within an hour’s drive from the holiday homes of Finca Las Nuevas. 

Each year thousands of flamingos come and breed here. The lagoon is a lake of 2,5 by 6,7 kilometres. It is exclusively provided with rainwater and an underground supply. As the water evaporates, a salt layer remains on the surface, which, together with the surrounding area consisting of olive groves, is ideal for flamingos. Next to the Camargue in France, this is the largest European breeding area.

Visitor centre

The parking area and a visitor centre are located at the lake, where you can get information about the flamingo and other birds in this area. From the centre, there are various footpaths along the lake to observe the birds. There are also several bird observation posts.

The best time to spot flamingos in Andalusia

Flamingos are migration birds and arrive in southern Spain in January/February to prepare for the mating season. In March they start building their nest. After laying their first egg, the chickens are born in April/May. In the hot August month, when the water level in the lake has plummeted and the food supply is decreasing, the flamingos leave Fuente de Piedra to return the next year.

Since the lake is large and the birds love to pack together, it might be difficult to see the flamingos. It might be a good idea to bring your binoculars. We were lucky to observe a couple of these ‘stray’ birds in the small ponds at the visitor centre.