Bad weather activities with kids in Andalusia

Bad weather activities with children in Andalusia are not something you quickly think of. After all, Andalusia has more than 300 days of sunshine a year. You can often get out and about outdoors. But suppose you’re just unlucky enough to be holidaying in Andalusia in bad weather. Then we have devised some bad weather activities with kids in Andalusia for you.



Stay at home in bad weather

If you want to stay home, there are plenty of games and reading books in the holiday homes of Finca Las Nuevas to keep you entertained. You can also order packets from us to bake and decorate your biscuits. Of course, if the temperature is right, you can always go swimming in the rain! That’s a lot of fun.

Fun museums for children in Málaga

Grabbing a museum is always a good idea when the weather is bad, or also when it is boiling. Málaga has some nice museums that are interesting for children. You can find even more ideas in our ebook.

Automobile museum

Even for non-car enthusiasts, this is a fun museum to check out. The museum is a combination of cars with haute couture. From super old cars, you walk through to the hyper-modern solar-powered car, and at each car, there is a doll wearing beautiful clothes.

Music museum MIMA

How nice it is that children can finally touch things in a museum and you don’t have to keep telling them, as a parent, not to. In this interactive music museum, children can make music to their heart’s content on one of the many musical instruments.

Making your chocolate bar

Mijas Pueblo is a nice white mountain village. Here you can do a fun workshop. You can make your chocolate bars! A very tasty activity for gourmands. Of course, the ingredients have to be tasted first too!

This was our children’s favourite activity and they and we still enjoy doing it.

Bad weather activities with kids in Andalusia

Bad weather activities with kids in Andalusia that are already bigger

Hammam Al Andalus

In the centre of Málaga is a fun experience. The bathhouse is built in Moorish style and lit with candles. There are nice hot baths where you can relax. This is a great experience.

Trampoline park Altitude

If you are looking for an activity where children and perhaps parents can expend their energy, the trampoline park in Málaga is great fun. The park consists of I don’t know, how many trampolines, horizontal and with a slope against the wall, a foam block tray, a trapeze, a beam for a duel with a foam block stick and much more.

If you want even more, downstairs at this entertainment complex there is a cinema and a game centre with a bowling alley.

Watching a film

Many films are dubbed in Spain. But there are options to watch a film in its original language. This is referred to as ‘Vose’.

The cinema in La Trocha shopping mall in Coín has a film in English on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

At the shopping centre Plaza Mayor in Málaga, they also have English-language films at Yelmocines.

If you want inspiration for fun outdoor activities with children check out this page.

You can also download an ebook with even more fun and bad weather activities with kids in Andalusia.

Bad weather activity the Automobile Museum
Bad weather in Andalusia
At home in bad weather
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