Flamingo watching in Andalusia

Flamingo watching in Andalusia can be done in the north-west of Málaga province. An hour’s drive from Finca Las Nuevas is the lagoon of ‘Fuente de Piedra’. This is a fantastic spot for birdwatchers but for anyone who wants to spot pink flamingos and other waterbirds.



Flamingo nesting site in Andalusia

Thousands of flamingos come to breed every year at the Fuente de Piedra lagoon. The lagoon is a shallow lake measuring 2.5 by 6.7 kilometres.

The lake is fed exclusively by rainwater and an underground supply. When the water evaporates, a layer of salt remains on the surface which, together with the surroundings, consisting of olive groves, is ideal for the flamingos….

Besides the Camargue in France, this is Europe’s largest breeding area.

The visitor centre for flamingo watching

There is a small visitor centre at the lake where you can get information about the flamingos and other birds in the area.

The visitor centre has no restaurant, so you might want to bring your picnic.

Next to the centre are some waterholes, where you can watch waterbirds and flamingos from a bird-watching hut.

You can also take a walk along the lake from the centre. Walking around the lake will take too long. The paths are nice and flat and therefore also suitable for prams. Along the way, there are two more observation huts to watch the flamingos and other birds.

Flamingo watching in Andalusia, what is the best time?

Flamingos are migratory birds and arrive in southern Spain in January/February. Here, they prepare for the mating season.

In March, they already started building their nest. After laying 1 egg and incubating, chicks are born in April/May.

In the hot August month, when the water level in the lake drops considerably and the food supply dwindles, the flamingos leave Fuente de Piedra to return the following year.

flamingo watching in Andalusia from a bird hide

Since the lake is large and the birds like to flock together, getting a good view of the flamingos can be difficult. If you have binoculars, we recommend you bring them.

If you don’t have binoculars with you, you might want to tour with a guide, who carries a large telescope.

We were lucky to see some ‘stray’ flamingos in the small ponds near the visitor centre. So you can watch flamingos up close in Andalusia after all. So you can still get up close and personal with flamingos in Andalusia.

watching flamingo's at Fuente de Piedra
Flamingo watching in Andalusia with binoculars
You can watch flamingos in Andalusia
Flamingo's in Andalusia
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