Antequera and its megalithic monuments

Antequera and its megalithic monuments may not be Andalusia’s most famous sights. But thanks to the Roman, Moorish and Spanish influences in the architecture, it was fun to visit. And also good to combine with a visit to the El Torcal Natural Park. A highlight just outside Antequera is the centuries-old megalithic structures, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List for a reason.


The Alcazaba of Antequera

The city’s most striking spot is absolutely the Alcazaba. This Moorish fortress towers over the city. To reach the fortress, follow the pretty cobbled roads uphill. From here, you will have great views over the city with its more than 30 churches and the surroundings.

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Antequera is not a big bustling city and during siesta time it can seem a bit deserted. Therefore, try to visit this city in the morning or afternoon. Another place of interest is the Real Colegiata. This building is considered the first church built in the Renaissance style in Andalusia. You will find a nice circular walk in Antequera in our ebook walks. This can also be requested via our website as well as the ebook restaurants, which list a good tapas restaurant in Antequera.


Antequera and its megalithic monuments

A kilometre outside the centre of Antequera is a small information centre that tells the story of the Dolmen-like structures. These are some of the largest and oldest megalithic structures in Europe. These are some of the largest and oldest megalithic structures in Europe. Here you can see the impressive ‘Dolmen de Menga’ and ‘Dolmen de Viera’. On the outside, you can only see two giant sand mounds, but if you walk in through a small opening, you will enter a beautiful chamber. This burial chamber is built of huge stones hewn from the rock.

When you consider that these structures were built more than 2,500 years before Christ, you won’t be surprised to find them on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The structures overlook the Peña de los enamorados, the rock you could see from the fort. A third megalithic structure ‘Dolmen del Romeral’ is located five kilometres outside Antequera.

La Peña de los enamorados

If you look closely, you can see a remarkable mountain in a north-easterly direction. With a little imagination, you can see a face lying on its side in this mountain. This ‘La Peña de los enamorados’, rock of lovers, has a long history.

The mountain owes its name to a legend from the Middle Ages. A Christian boy worked for a rich Moorish family. He fell in love with the daughter of the house, and she fell in love with him.

It was a forbidden love. The couple decided to flee to the mountain. In doing so, they were hot on the heels of her father.

The legend ends tragically. The couple in love flees higher up the mountain. Eventually, they jumped from the highest point together. Hoping to stay together forever.

The ancestors of the builders of megalithic monuments

But long before the Middle Ages, this mountain had a rich history. And there is still a lot of archaeological research going on. Many finds have been found. Including Bronze Age pottery and tombs. From research, it is known that the ancestors of the builders of Dolmen de Menga lived here.

Further research should explain the relationship of the Dolmen De Menga with La Peña de los enamorados.

Combine Antequera with a visit to El Torcal

Antequera is located at the foot of the extraordinary El Torcal National Park, known for its extraordinary limestone rock formations. There are some nice circular walks here.

Even if you are not a hiker, it is recommended to drive up the road anyway. The route towards it is already beautiful, and at the top, you can enjoy this extraordinary landscape on the terrace at the visitor centre.

Churches of Antequera
Antequera la Pena de los enamorados
Dolmen of Antequera
megalithic monument of Antequera
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