Hiking in the Sierra de las Nieves

Hiking in the Sierra de las Nieves is beautiful. These are the mountains where, in the evening, you can see the sun slowly sink behind, and the sky turns into many colours of orange. This National Park offers endless hiking trails.



You can hike endlessly in the Sierra de las Nieves


It stretches from Ronda in the west, Istán in the south, Tolox in the east and Yunquera in the north. These mountains are called Snow Mountains for a reason, as in winter we often can see the snow-covered peaks from the terrace. The highest mountain peak is 2000 metres high.

From short to long walks

The vast area of Sierra de las Nieves offers many walking routes. We still have a lot to discover ourselves in this National Park. If you want to go hiking here, we have a hiking map of this area you can borrow. We can also tell you about our experiences on several walks. These routes can also be found in the ebook.

Health resort

Tolox is a whitewashed Andalusian mountain village known for its spa; the Balneario, which is located a little higher up just outside the village. The somewhat dilapidated building is still in use.

Don’t expect to get a lovely massage here. Many people still visit the Balneario. However, they often stay in Tolox for several weeks to inhale the spring water at Balneario. This beneficial water helps against asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory allergies.

Several hiking trails start from the Balneario through the Sierra de las Nieves. The surroundings of Tolox are again completely different from those of Finca Las Nuevas. You’ll find very different trees and plants. Sometimes it looks subtropical.

Walk to the waterfall

There is a nice walk, not too long to a waterfall. With a bit of luck, you can take a refreshing dip in the small lake in front of the waterfall. This hike, which you can find in the ebook, is good to do with children.

Another hike from the ebook is longer. It takes you through the mountains, where you walk past some cork oaks. When you cross a ridge, the route follows downwards.

Eventually, you walk along a riverbed back towards the village. From the village, you climb back up to the Balneario.

What makes hiking the Sierra de las Nieves special?

The area is special in many ways. It has a wide variety of rocks. Sierra de las Nieves also has a special climate influenced by both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

It is a Special Protected Bird Area (SPA) for a reason. UNESCO has also recognised Sierra de las Nieves as a World Biosphere Reserve. This is an area of learning for sustainable development in various environmental, social and economic contexts.

What also makes the Sierra de las Nieves special are the Pinsapos. A special coniferous tree. The mountains of this area are home to the largest population of these majestic trees in the world.

Hiking in Sierra de las Nieves route to Pinsapos

Further hiking in the Sierra de las Nieves

In the area around Yunquera, you can go on some wonderful hikes at altitude. The beautiful authentic village of Yunquera is located at 680 metres altitude, the hikes you make at more than 1500 metres, so take into account changeable weather.

Hike Puerto del Saucillo to the Peñon de Enamorados

The video below will give you an impression of this beautifully varied hike. You start in beautiful forests with the unusual Pinsapo conifers. At some places, you will see pieces of petrified wood.

Slowly you climb higher and leave the forest behind. Eventually, you reach a plateau where Gal oaks loom. The trees look straight out of a fairytale movie.

If you keep going, you can climb the Peñon de Enamorados and enjoy magnificent views.

Waterfall in the Sierra de las Nieves
Hike in the Sierra de las Nieves
Waterfalls hike Sierra de las Nieves
Special tree Sierra de las Nieves
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