Walking through a river in Andalusia

Walking through a river in Andalusia is an ideal activity for summer. During the summer months, the mercury rises in Andalusia and you will have to pick your walks a little better. Being in the sun all day then is often a bit too much of a good thing. The river walks below are wonderfully refreshing and also fun to do with children, who normally find walking boring.



Walking through a river at Barranco Blanco

Half an hour’s drive from Finca Las Nuevas between the villages of Coín and Alhaurin el Grande is Barranco Blanco. This is an ideal spot for a walk, lunch and a refreshing dip. You can check out the route in the ebook.

The walk starts a bit dull, but once you reach the Alaminos River, you will imagine yourself in paradise. The river meanders through the rocks, creating lush vegetation along its banks. Dragonflies and butterflies often flutter along with you.

You can start by following a path along the river, but sooner or later you won’t escape and have to continue your way through the cooling waters.

Remember to put on sturdy shoes that can get wet and bring a waterproof bag for your belongings. If you want to stay a bit longer, bring something to drink or eat. You won’t get a better picnic spot!


You clamber over large stones here and there and in one spot you wade through water up to your waist.

After half an hour of walking through the river, you come to a kind of gorge where the water is deeper. Here you can do your Tarzan and Jane tricks on a rope and have a nice swim In recent years it has been dry in Andalusia, the little lake near the rope has dried up completely, but maybe it will come back again.

If you want to see even more beauty, you have to swim a little further at high tide or via the slippery rocks and then clamber up. Last year, you could just walk up to it.

You now end up at a waterfall. So beautiful! Despite the low water level, it is still a fun hike to do. There is enough water to submerge for a while anyway.

Despite the low water level, it is still a fun hike to make. There is enough water to submerge for a while anyway.

Walking through a river in Andalusia near Nerja

Did you like the hike at Barranco Blanco and want more? The Río Chillar is also a spectacular experience.

As with the walkthrough of Barranco Blanco, the initial part of this hike is a bit boring. But hang on!

The route goes upstream through a beautiful gorge and is interspersed with stretches along lush vegetation.

Again, you regularly walk through the water and there is sometimes no escape from the water. There is less scrambling on this route through the river.

After seven kilometres, you reach the end, where you can take a cold shower under the waterfall. Keep in mind that you will have to walk the same route back again.

Walking through a river in Andalusia near Nerja

Walking through a river in Andalusia combining with another activity

This walk is near Nerja. A short drive away from Finca Las Nuevas. But you can easily combine this trip with a visit to the lovely seaside resort of Nerja. Or you can visit the cosy whitewashed mountain village of Frigiliana.

Should you want to go to the beach for a while, the beaches of Maro or Canatarriján are very nice. The sea here is so clear that snorkelling is also good.

Walking through a river Barranco Blanco
Walking through a river Rio Chillar
waterfall of Rio Chiller during walking through a river
walking through a river
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