Ronda is Andalusia’s most romantic city

Ronda is Andalusia’s most romantic city. A city that has captured the imagination of many people for centuries. It is one of the oldest cities in Spain and was founded in the ninth century BC. The city’s most striking point is undoubtedly the impressive bridge ‘Puente Nuevo’ over the metre-deep El Tajo gorge, which divides the city in two. The route from Finca Las Nuevas to Ronda is beautiful through the mountains of the Sierra de las Nieves national park or a faster route through the Andalusian interior.



What to do in Ronda?

The old town (La Ciudad), on the south side of the El Tajo gorge, dates largely from Islamic times, when it was an important cultural centre with mosques and palaces. During the nineteenth-century Romantic period, Ronda attracted many international artists and writers.

Both the old and new town is lovely to stroll through. There are several museums and you can also see the well-preserved remains of the 14th-century Moorish bathhouse. There are several houses and palaces to visit that prove Ronda is Andalusia’s most romantic city.

In the new town, you’ll have great views over Ronda’s low-lying surroundings. In our ebook, you will find a nice walking tour of many highlights in Ronda.

Caminito de Ronda

If you still have some time left, it’s fun to check out the Ronda area. And maybe you have time and energy to walk into the gorge. This is sure to provide some spectacular pictures.

In 2024, you can walk through the hundred-metre-deep gorge, the ‘Garganta del Tajo’ and under the bridge for the first time. This allows you to see Ronda from a completely different angle. There are several viewing points and information boards about the gorge and the city.


The Ronda area

From Finca Las Nuevas, you can extend your day trip to Ronda with two more fun activities.

Cueva del Gato

A few kilometres outside Ronda is La Cueva del Gato, the Cave of the Cat. This cave is part of a large limestone karst cave system with several underground gorges, lakes and streams.

There is so much water here because the nearby Sierra de Grazalema nature reserve receives the most rainfall in Spain per year.

At one time, people thought of starting a hydroelectric plant here. This changed the watercourse and the water made its way out, creating the cat’s cave.

Arriving at the little lake in front of the cave, you imagine yourself in paradise. The water is crystal clear and the lake is a beautiful shade of green. Around it are beautiful trees.

It is a super place to wash off the dust of the city for a while. We found the water quite cold!

Ronda is Andalusia’s most romantic city, but Setenil de las Bodegas is one of Spain’s most beautiful villages

On the way, it is worth taking a small diversion, of about 10 kilometres, to Setenil de las Bodegas.

This village is known as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. And for good reason. The houses in this white village are built under impressive rocks. Very special. You would almost think that the houses are crushed by these mega rocks.

Several houses house cafes, restaurants and shops, so you can have a look inside.

Setenil de las Bodegas near Ronda

Tip: In Ronda, they still have a siesta, so many shops are closed between 15-17 hours.

Ronda is the most romantic city
Cueva del Gato near Ronda
bath-house of Ronda
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Casa Sofia

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