Swimming in a freshwater lake in Andalusia

You can swim in a freshwater lake in Andalusia near Ardales and El Chorro. Or as it is called; ‘Embalse del Conde de Guadalhorce’. The lake is near the famous Caminito del Rey. A path at altitude through a gorge. This turquoise-coloured lake is an ideal day trip from Finca Las Nuevas to spend a day relaxing and swimming.



Where can you swim in a freshwater lake in Andalusia?

If you drive up from Ardales and follow the signs for Caminito del Rey, you can turn left to the lake pretty quickly. You can park your car right up to the water. This is a quiet spot, on flat land with shallow water. But…

…Continuing up the road, you enter a forest area. Nature is even more beautiful here. To the left of the road, you can see two surfboards standing upright. If you turn off here, you come to a campsite, where you are often allowed as a day tourist.

We recommend driving a few kilometres further. You will see Zona Recreativa La Isla on your left. At this recreation area, you pay a small fee per person and for the car. The advantage is that there is a small kiosk for some refreshments, a barbecue area and toilets.

You can sit in the shade at this spot with picnic tables. This is a great place to swim. The downside is that you have to walk quite steeply to the water. The water also runs down quickly. So be careful for people who cannot swim.


Swimming in a freshwater lake, away from everyone

If you don’t like crowds and want to sit quietly. Then you can park your car along the road and find a steep path down. At Restaurant El Mirador, at least, a path leads down.

From this restaurant, you have great views over the lake and can enjoy tasty Spanish dishes.

If you drive a little further, you’ll see some restaurants in a bend, a concrete staircase goes down and from there you can find a nice spot along the water.

Pedalos, supping and canoeing in Andalusia

In the summer months, they rent out canoes, pedal boats and sup boards at the leisure park. The pedalos have a slide and are always very popular. Be warned, there is often a current when you get a bit further out on the water, so remember that you have to pedal the same way back too!!!

In July and August, there is a wipe-out course in the water. A super fun activity for bigger kids and adults.

You might not think the track is there, but it is hidden behind the mountain. The lake continues with a bend to the right and you can also paddle quite a bit to the left by canoe.

Supping in a freshwater lake in Andalusia

Other activities around here

If you would like to combine swimming with something else, there are some more fun options in the area. For more information, take a look at these pages.

  • The Bobastro is a ruin from Moorish times in Andalusia.
  • The Caminito del Rey is a spectacular trail at altitude through the gorge.
  • In Ardales, you can visit caves with the world’s oldest murals.
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Swimming in a freshwater lake in southern-Spain
swimming in El Chorro
swimming in Andalusia
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