Cheap holiday to Andalusia, read the 7 tips

For a cheap holiday to Andalusia, read the 7 tips to make it happen. A cheap holiday to Andalusia is what a lot of people are looking for. The year of Corona has brought many changes, loss of job or income. An escape to the sun would be fantastic right now. The good thing is, a holiday to Andalusia does not need to be expensive! Below you can find seven tips for a cheap holiday to Spain.

Tip 1: Cheap period

If you are free to choose your holiday period, it can save you lots of money. Air tickets are way more expensive in July and August compared to other months.

If you love to spend your days in the sun at the pool or the beach, you do want to have some warm weather. But did you know that Andalusia, with over 300 days of sun a year, has more sunny and warm months? In May, June, September and the beginning of October, the temperatures are often lovely for getting a tan.

Finca Las Nuevas pool with a view

Are you looking for lovely weather, but you don’t mind not wearing your swimmers, plan a holiday in springtime or autumn. The months that are the most unpredictable are November and March. It may rain quite a lot and in March it can be chilly. Having said that, it won’t rain for the whole month and it is not chilly for a month. At the moment (mid-March), the temperature is between 18-23 degrees and sometimes even warmer for quite some time now. There were quite a few sun seekers at the beach last weekend.

Another pro to travel off-season is that you will find better deals at car rentals and accommodations. In Spring and Autumn, you can sometimes rent a car for a week for less than 150 euros.

Don’t forget to read the small lines!

Some car rentals seem cheap, but the moment you are at the counter, extra costs appear for additional insurance, a second driver or extra costs for extra mileage. Or you’ve made your reservation with another card and now you have to make a new reservation.

Tip 2: A cheap meal in a restaurant

How chill is it not having to prepare your meal during your holiday and just set yourself at a cosy terrace or restaurant and enjoy a meal? If you are travelling with your family this can be getting expensive. But… we have a solution for you; …blend into the local traditions!

Lunch is the most important meal of the day for the Spanish. They take their time for a warm meal. Not such a bad idea, to relax a bit at the warmest point of the day, not go to bed with a full stomach and another benefit is Menú del Día. Or in other words, Today’s menu.

Many restaurants serve during working days a daily menu. Often you can choose from a few starters, a main and a drink. In some cases, they even offer a dessert. The prices of a Menú del Día variate, like the prices of restaurants, do too. But it is not uncommon to find a 2 or 3-course menu for around 8-15 euros.

ebook restaurants

Another tip: Some restaurants only open after 1 pm, but you can enjoy your lunch till at least 4 pm. On our website, you can order an ebook with restaurants in and around Málaga for free.

Tip 3: Cheap accommodation

What kind of accommodation is your pick for a holiday? A hotel is often more expensive. You do have the luxury to find breakfast waiting for you and the option to have dinner in the same place. But that makes it more expensive. You good also choose a Bed and Breakfast. Also a room and breakfast, but more small scale.

But, why not book a holiday home? Besides a bedroom, you have a comfortable seating area a terrace and a kitchen, so that you can prepare your meal and can have your drinks in the fridge. Handy and it saves a lot of money!

We would be thrilled if you were having your holiday in Andalusia at our place. Our holiday homes are spacious, in the summertime, you can join dinner at the communal terrace a couple of times a week. You can bring your drink to the pool (provided that it is in a plastic glass of course) and we could organise a grocery package on arrival, so you don’t have to bother shopping the first day.

Besides that, you can order bread and if you forgot to go to the store we have an honesty bar where you can take a snack, a drink or some homemade products and pay later.

holiday homes of Finca Las Nuevas

Tip 4: Cheap city trip

A city trip is often expensive. Without noticing it, your money is spent. But if you plan your trip in advance, Málaga can be a cheap city trip. Sunday afternoon is an excellent day for spending the day in Málaga. Do you know why? Because on Sunday afternoons the admission to various cultural sights is free.

This way allows you to get a good impression of the city and there is always some hustle and bustle going on. From 2 pm, some things from 4 pm, many museums and sights are free to visit.

You could go to the Alcazaba and the Castillo, the old Moorish fortress. First of all the Castillo. You will have a fantastic view of the city, the sea and the surroundings. Secondly, the Alcazaba gives you an idea of what the Alhambra in Granada will look like.

Alcazaba in Málaga

Of course, if you have the chance you should definitely go to Granada and visit the Alhambra. (check this website for normal priced entry tickets of the Alhambra).

But with a lack of money or time, the Alcazaba in Málaga gives you a good example of the Moorish times.

To stay in Spanish spheres, walk further to the Carmen Thyssen museum where you can enjoy beautiful paintings of Spanish life from Spanish painters. When modern art is more your cup of tea, go to the Center Pompidou at the harbour or the CAC museum next to the river.

Take a seat next to Pablo Picasso

Plaza Merced, the harbour (Muelle Uno) or the nearby Málaga Park are good places to have a break. At Plaza Merced you can share your bank with Pablo Picasso, at the harbour, you can watch everyone pass and in Málaga Park, you can have a photo session as if it looks like you have visited a tropical place in your holidays.

Parking in Málaga is for a fee, like in other European cities. If it is just the two of you and you want to spend the whole day in Málaga, it might be cheaper to take the train from Cártama de Estación to Málaga Alameda. You’ll arrive in the centre of Málaga.

Tip 5: Cheap day to the beach

The Costa del Sol is known for its beaches. Each beach has something unique, but the sun is the same everywhere. Would you like to keep it cheap, or skip the beach of Marbella? Although you can visit the beach for free, having a drink or a bite is more expensive than like say Torremolinos.

If you go to the beach of Los Alamos in Torremolinos, you’ll only pay one euro to park your car all day. Besides that, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the locals, so you know and feel you are in Spain. A third advantage is that the drinks and the food in Chiringuitos (typical Spanish restaurants) at the beach are not that expensive.

beach of Málaga

Tip 6: Go into nature

With this idea, I can already see the agitated faces of a lot of children. Boring, dull, and stupid will follow. But, truly, there are plenty of fun things to do in nature, that even teenagers will like.

For instance, El Torcal, near Antequera, is an amazing national park with spectacular Limestone formations. Even if you don’t like walking, you can find yourself some beautiful picnic spots and you can take some impressive photos. I have written it before, for example in our ebook ‘Activities with Children’.

ebook activiteiten met kinderen in Andalusië

But a riverwalk is fun. Alright, it is walking, but it is adventurous. You never know how deep the water is with your next step. And above that, you can swim. Does not every child want that?

Would you like to climb/hike a mountain and have a rest with an unbelievably beautiful view, then you have more than one option around Finca Las Nuevas. You can find the walks in our ebook ‘hiking trails’.

A spectacular walk you can also make at Canillas de Aceituno. They sometimes call it the little brother of the Caminito del Rey, where you can walk suspension bridges and small tracks in a gorge. Be prepared, this walk is not suitable for small children, people with fears of heights or people who are a bit wobbly on their feet!

area of the Caminito del Rey

Tip 7: Free Parties

In case you do come to Andalusia during summer and you like to party, check if there is a Feria somewhere. A Feria is the year party of a village or city. The Spanish love to party, so it won’t be hard to find one. There is always music, food and a good atmosphere at a Feria and admission is free!

Check our website for lovely holiday homes!


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