Walking in Andalusia, 10 beautiful walks

Walking in Andalusia, 10 beautiful walks and 5 reasons why you should go walking in Andalusia during your holiday! Read all about it in this blog. 

The 5 best reasons for a walking in Andalusia

A walking holiday in the Alpes is well known, but did you know you can also have a good walking holiday in Andalusia? Below we’ll give you five reasons why walking in southern Spain is perfect.

walking in Andalusia

1. Climate of Andalusia

Andalusia has a lovely climate. The summers are warm and the winters are mild. With over 300 sunny days a year, every day is a good day for walking.

On warm summer days, you need a bit more preparation for your walk, but you can find many good walking trails. What do you think of a river walk? You can walk and cool down at the same time. Above this, it is fun for the children! Or you can look for a walk a bit higher up in the mountains, where the temperature is a bit lower. Or go for a walk in the forest, in some shade.

In wintertime, the day starts cool, but around noon you can often sit outside in the sun. The average temperature is around 15-20 degrees.

2. Each season has something beautiful to offer

As we already said, walking in Andalusia is possible the whole year round. Another advantage is that each season has something beautiful to offer.

In springtime, you can enjoy the almond blossom which you can see in different areas of Andalusia. The pink blossom is scattered around as light-coloured tufts on the fresh green hills. Sometime later in Spring, you can find many colourful flowers including different kinds of orchids in the lower parts. Or Hellebores who stand out nicely against the grey rocks of the higher mountains of the Sierra de las Nieves. The meadows and the sides of the dusty roads in the inland transform into a colourful flower blanket. A lovely sight.

3. Various walking trails in Andalusia

Andalusia offers a wide range of not only walking trails but also various landscapes. You can make beautiful walks over boardwalks along the coast. You can walk the many quiet dusty roads inland. Or climb up small mountain paths to enjoy spectacular views.  The province of Málaga alone has various National Parks to offer and each park is different. Take National Park El Torcal, for example. This is also a Geopark, where the limestone rocks were formed in layers millions of years ago. You can take some good photoshoots around here.

Also, the National Park Sierra de las Nieves is unique thanks to the flora and fauna. This area is also a biosphere reserve, declared by UNESCO, due to its ecosystem where the biodiversity and genetic values are protected. Both National Parks have lovely signposted walking trails, for a short walk or a longer trail.

Close to the home of Finca Las Nuevas, you’ll find the Caminito del Rey, a world-famous path along the cliffs of a gorge. The El Chorro region, where this path is, has many other beautiful trails.

walking in Andalusia at El Torcal

4. Walking in Andalusia with children is fun

‘Do we have to walk again?’

I don’t know how often I have asked my parents this question. Every weekend and each holiday I had to join my family on a walk. How could adults find such a dull activity? Walking was not something you could call fun to do. It was so DULL. These thoughts were with me for a long long time.

By the time I became an adult, I loved to go for a long walk and I enjoyed it a lot and I still do. Now my children say the same. I guess it is a normal thing. And who knows in a few years…

… Maybe they will go and find some nice walking trails themselves. Walking in Andalusia is recommended. You can even find some attractive and fun trails to walk with children. And secretly they will enjoy it!

More than once our guests tell us, that their children only want to stay at the pool the whole day, while the parents want to discover the area. Thanks to the lovely climate of Andalusia, you can easily do both. In northern Europe, the day often ends already at 6 pm, but here in Spain, we have another rhythm, that extends your day. Especially during the summer months are the days long and can you easily start a walk around 6 pm or so. The advantages are, that temperature has dropped a bit and the children had their pool time.  Are you going to blend in with Spanish customs, then you will take a warm meal for lunch and during the walk, you ask the children to find the perfect picnic spot for your supper. We bet this will be a fun day!

5. combination holiday in Andalusia

Walking in Andalusia is fantastic, as you can combine walking with many other fun things. Andalusia is known for its rich culture. It has many beautiful cities with Moorish influences. It has cosy villages where you experience real Spanish life. It has amazing beaches to relax and of course, you can enjoy tasteful tapas. Your walking holiday in Andalusia will get an extra dimension.

Walking in Andalusia, 10 beautiful walking trails in the Málaga area

Did we convince you yet for a walking holiday in Andalusia? Now you know why Andalusia is perfect, we like to share 10 of our walks with you. On our website, you can download the ebook ‘Walking Trails’ for FREE. This ebook will be frequently updated with more walks.

1. Caminito del – El Chorro

At the end of the nineteenth century, the development of the first electricity companies in Spain was started. Málaga was the first city in Andalusia with electricity, thanks to the development of the Guadalhorce dam at El Chorro. During the construction, King Alfonso XII paid a visit to the site and walked a part of the path that was used by donkeys who transported the building materials. Today this path is known as the Caminito del Rey; or the Kings path.

The Caminito del Rey takes you over an easy, but spectacular 3-kilometre long boardwalk on height. It looks like the path is glued to the vertical cliffs with views on another cliff and way below your feet you’ll see the streaming water. The path runs more than a hundred meters above the Guadalorce River. The views are breathtaking. In some parts, you can still see the remains of the old path.

The difficulty of this walk, we find quite exaggerated on the website of Caminito del Rey. Everyone in normal condition and not afraid of heights can walk the 7,7 km easily. Besides the boardwalk, you walk over sandy paths with now and then some stairs. There is little difference in heights, so in that part, the hike is not difficult. The path is not yet a roundtrip. At the finish, you can take the bus back to your starting point. Children below 8 years old are not admitted due to security regulations.

To make this hike, you need to buy an entry ticket, which you can order online. Be on time as tickets are sold out quickly.

walking in Andalusia at the Caminito del Rey

2. Escaleras Árabes – El Chorro

The walk of Caminito del Rey is beautiful but is tranquillity more your cup of tea, so this hike in the same area is a good alternative. The walk is 10 kilometres long and gives you fantastic views of the Caminito del Rey, de Guadalhorce dam en the lakes.

The first part takes you over a wide dust road, a bit dull, but it gets better by a path through the forest and small paths through the fields. You will climb or descend, depending on how you start your round, the Arabic Staircase. The name suggests these stairs remain of the Moorish time, but according to the locals these stairs are built to create a quicker route to the other side of the mountain.  Nevertheless, it is a beautiful walk with fantastic views. Watch here the video.

3. El Saltillo – Canillas de Aceitunas

If you were not lucky to get an entry ticket to Caminito del Rey, but would you love to take a hike along cliffs and a suspension bridge? This walk is a good alternative for you. Different from Caminito del Rey, this walk is more difficult and you should not be afraid of heights or stand wobbly on your feet.

The trail goes via small irrigation canals with deep abysses. Therefore also not suitable for small children. Recently a spectacular suspension bridge has been made over a gorge and can you walk to Sedella. The trail to Sedella and back is around 10 kilometres.

4. Sendero Río de los Horcajos – Tolox

In the National Park Sierra de las Nieves, the mountains you can see from the garden of Finca Las Nuevas, you can make beautiful walks. This walk is around 10 kilometres. Would you like to have a shorter hike, then a beautiful hike also starts at the Balneario in Tolox, where you walk to a waterfall.

This walk is easy, you have to cross a small stream so now and then. But we are going for the Sendero Río de los Horcajos. In the first part, you ascend quite a bit, via a small path along with cork oaks you arrive at a mountain comb. From here you descend and you will follow a path along the fertile riverbed to the whitewashed mountain village of Tolox back to your starting point.

walking in Andalusia, Tolox

5. Barranco Blanco – Coín

This walk is excellent on a hot sunny day. The trail heads through a river. The first path is via a sand road, but arriving in the valley at the river, you can’t avoid walking right through into the river. In some parts the water is quite deep, so don’t forget to put your stuff in a waterproof bag.  As the river stones are slippery, wearing sturdy boots is recommended.

After an hour of walking, you will reach a place, where the river is wider and deeper and you can go for a swim. If you continue swimming, you can climb the rocks to make your way to a waterfall. this is the end of the trail and you can take the same way back.

We made this walk with our guests, and the kids of 5-8 years who were joining had lots of fun. Watch the video.

6. Sendero circular Sierra de los Espartales – Cártama

As we already have said, in Andalusia you can make many combinations. In this walk, you will find these combinations. The trail starts in the whitewashed mountain village of Cártama. You will cross the square, with old Moorish influences to take the zigzag church path going uphill to the church with at the back the old Moorish fortification.

Via a small mountain path, you follow your way and you might see the shepherd with his goats. You’ll have views of the fertile Guadalhorce valley and you can see Málaga and the sea. You continue along with citrus orchards and at a Venta midway, which is a small local restaurant, you can have a break. The walk is around 10 kilometres long.

7. Boardwalk at sea – La Cala de Mijas

For the ones not used to walking in the mountains, walking in Andalusia can be tough for the calves, especially the first days. That is why this walk can be a welcome change after all the climbing and descending. The province of Málaga is developing a beach walk from Nerja to Estepona.

In La Cala de Mijas a large part of this trail is ready. The trail follows the boulevard, a boardwalk and a tiny bit of beach. The walk is linear so it is up to you how far you go. On the way, you will find many restaurants and terraces on the beach. We like to walk to the sand dunes of Cabo de Pino.

walking in Andalusia, boardwalk at sea

8. Puerto Saucillo to Peñón de Enamorados – Yunquera

The National Park Sierra de las Nieves is versatile. This walking trail is different from the walking trail described at point 4. It is a linear route with a small hoop on the way back to watch peculiar Candelario-shaped trees. From Peñón de Enamorados you can climb a bit further to reach the top of Torcilla.

You start your walk via a forest with unique Spanish firs, Pinsapos. You will pass a poso de Nieve, a place where the mountain villagers used to store snow, which they could use in summer for cooling. You will leave the firs behind you and you climb up to a plateau, where the vegetation is smaller and where the Alpine oaks grow. These protected trees give the scenery something mystic. As if the trees will come to life and start to move their branches.

You will have spectacular views during the walk and on clear days you can see as far as Málaga en de Guadalhorce valley.

9. El Torcal – Antequera

At first sight, El Torcal looks like a normal mountain inland of Andalusia. But if you drive up, you will find yourself in a different world. A hundred million years ago this area was below sea level. The mountains are formed from limestone a soft rock where wind and rain could shape the rocks. Nowadays you’ll see the beautifully layered rocks, which look like a balancing pile of pancakes.

The front of the visitors centre with a small restaurant is the start of two signposted walking trails of 1 and 2,5 hours. The trails are easy to walk, with now and then a rock to pass. Don’t forget to stand still to watch the rocks, with some luck you will see some mountain goats.

10. Round walk in the campo van Finca Las Nuevas – Álora

The above walks you can find on different websites. This walk you won’t find. You can start from your holiday home at Finca Las Nuevas. Via sand paths, you will make a hoop with beautiful views of El Torcal, the Guadalhorce valley and the mountains of the Caminito del Rey. You will pass almond and olive orchards and you can even see the Mediterranean Sea and Málaga. The trail is 15 kilometres via wide dust roads, but with some ascending and descending.

Ebook walking trails in Andalusia

Download our FREE ebook ‘Walking Trails’ with even more walks. Frequently we will add more walks, so you will never get short of walks in Andalusia!

ebook walking trails


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