Child-friendly villages in Andalusia

Child-friendly villages in Andalusia are not hard to find. There are several options. They are not only fun for children, but also adults.

When I was a child, I visited many villages with my parents. Especially during the holidays, we would always visit some photogenic villages. A visit to the local church was not to be missed. What a dull thing to do, unless there was a playground around.

The Smurfs village

In Andalusia, you can visit some child-friendly villages, which makes it a good day out for all of you. A famous village in Andalusia is Júzcar, better known as the Smurf village. In 2011 this typical Andalusian whitewashed mountain village was painted smurf-blue. Júzcar was chosen to be the stage of the presentation of the movie The Smurfs. And would it not be nice if all the houses, including the church and the town hall, would be Smurf-blue? The inhabitants agreed and took their brushes. This generated quite a lot of attention and not long after the village was changed to the Smurf village.

smurfs village Júzcar

Entering this child-friendly village you encounter straight away a giant Smurf and a bit further you will find murals with Gargamel and the other Smurfs. As the village was not willing to pay the film company any royalties, Júzcar is now changed to La Aldea Azul, the blue village. The village remains blue and at the weekends and holidays, children’s activities are organised.

The surroundings of Júzcar are lovely with many forests and on your way to the village, you can make a stop at Ronda. Also a beautiful place.

child-friendly village in Andalusia

Flying witches in a child-friendly village?

Are you looking for something scarier? Have a look in Soportújar. It seems real witches have lived here, and who knows they might be still there. A long time ago the Moorish were expelled from this area. New inhabitants had to be found.

village of witches in Andalusia

These came from the Northern part of Spain. These Galicians are known for their Celtic roots, where superstition and witchcraft were part of their traditions. The story goes, they wanted to keep this silent, but soon the whispers were heard in the surrounding villages of conspiracies and sometimes even flying witches above Soportújar were seen.


Nowadays, the village has multiple witch events during the year. And on your stroll through the village, you encounter more things, which refer to the presence of witches living in this place. We made a flight on the giant broom which was parked in the middle of the alley and we were also lured to the candy house of Hansel and Gretel.

child-friendly village


Not typical child-friendly villages in Andalusia, but worth a visit

The Alpujarras is an area south of the Sierra Nevada. Besides Soportújar are there more beautiful mountain villages, such as Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira. To give you an idea, watch the video below.

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