Traffic rules in Spain

Traffic rules in Spain still differ here and there from the traffic rules that apply in the Netherlands. Below are some tips to drive as safely as possible during your holiday in Spain.

Traffic tip 1: Driving on a roundabout

The police in Spain have been working for years to improve traffic safety on roundabouts, but despite the many promotional campaigns, progress is slow. So keep your eyes open on the roundabout!!
In the Netherlands, if you have to turn left, you are used to getting into the left lane at the roundabout and taking the left lane. That is also the rule here in Spain, but in practice, almost everyone continues to drive on the right. It is therefore quite common for chaos to arise on the roundabout. Be aware and look carefully around you when you take a roundabout.

explanation traffic rules in Spain

Traffic tip 2: turning left

In cities and sometimes in larger villages, if you want to turn left, you first have to turn right, via a kind of service road, and then cross the main road. For us Dutch people this is sometimes very confusing with the result that you miss your turn. If you drive up from such a service road and you have to turn, remember that you always have to take the shortest bend, so don’t take an extra bend (although this is sometimes more favourable in terms of traffic lights).

Trafic tip 3: Do not give way if you are coming from the right

Although it is also the case in Spain that if you come from the right you have priority, you should not assume that here. Often there is a stop sign, so it indicates that you do not have priority. But even if there is nothing, keep waiting, because you will not get priority. Do not give priority to traffic coming from the right. That only leads to unclear situations. Everyone coming from the right happily waits here.

driving in Spain

Traffic tip 4: Driving with flip-flops

Did you know that you are not allowed to drive with flip-flops in Spain? The shoes must always be fixed with the heel.

Traffic tip 5: no feet on the dashboards

On long car journeys, I love to lean my feet against the dashboard. But did you know that this is forbidden in Spain? You can get a fine of one hundred and fifty euros for this.

driving in Andalusia

Traffic tip 6: Keep your shirt on and take off your thick coat

Now it won’t happen often anymore, because all cars do have air conditioning. But if you are very warm-blooded, keep your shirt on in the car. It is forbidden to sit behind the wheel with a naked torso.

If you drive in Spain in the winter, don’t forget to take off your thick scarf and thick winter coat when you get into the car. Those thick clothing can reduce your vision and it is therefore forbidden to drive in them. You can just keep a normal coat on and a thin scarf is no problem either.

driving in Spain after rain

Tip 7 Reduce speed when it rains

When it finally rains after the long dry summer, be careful on the road. Because there are many rubber particles on the road, they can cause enormous slipperiness on the road when it starts to rain. You should be aware of this, especially in bends and roundabouts.

We once started sliding when we drove through a bend at a speed of forty kilometres. Fortunately, it ended well, but we sometimes see differently.

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