When will there be a Feria in Andalusia?

When will there be a Feria in Andalusia? Read on quickly, because in this blog we give you the calendar of most ferias in the province of Malaga and some major ferias in other cities. 

What is a Feria?

The Spanish Feria is a vibrant cultural event deeply rooted in Spain’s rich history. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages when local markets were held to mark religious holidays. These markets grew into what we now know as the Feria, with the focus shifting from religious celebrations to social and cultural gatherings.
What makes the Spanish Feria so unique is the lively atmosphere where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to enjoy the festivities. The colourful traditional costumes, known as “trajes de gitana” for women and “trajes de corto” for men, add to the festive atmosphere.

History of the Feria

The modern Spanish Feria originated in the 19th century, particularly in the region of Andalusia. It began as an annual agricultural festival, where farmers displayed their best products and traded. Over the years, it has evolved into a colourful spectacle featuring flamenco, horseback riding, traditional dress, and, of course, lots of food and drink.
feria in Sevilla
One of the most iconic Feria is that of Seville, which dates back to 1847. This Feria began as a cattle fair but quickly grew into an extravaganza of celebration. It begins with a ceremonial “prado” – a parade of beautifully decorated carriages that pass through the city streets. The celebrations then continue in the huge tented village known as “casetas,” where people gather to dance, sing, eat and drink until the early hours. Today, the Feria de Abril in Seville attracts millions of visitors from all over the world, who come to enjoy traditional flamenco performances, horse racing, and tasting delicious tapas and local wines.

When will there be a Feria near Finca Las Nuevas?

The Feria season is kicked off by the Feria in Cártama (April 22-28, 2024). For many villagers, this is the event of the year. On Tuesday, even the stores are closed because on this day the village’s patron saint, Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, is honoured.
In nearby Álora, the Feria takes place from July 31-Aug. 4. This feria is particularly fun to visit late in the evening. Starting at 10 p.m., the party gets going.

When will there be a Feria in Málaga?

The Feria de Málaga is one of the most vibrant and exciting festivals in the region of Andalusia. It is held annually in honour of the city’s conquest by the Catholic kings in 1487. This festival is a celebration of Málaga’s rich culture, traditions and history.
The Feria de Málaga usually begins in the third week of August and lasts about ten days. During this time the city changes completely, with streets decorated with lights and colourful banners, and there are activities and festivities everywhere.
when will there be a Feria in Málaga
One of the highlights of the Feria de Málaga is the huge parade known as the “Feria de Día” and the “Feria de Noche.” During the day, the festivities take place in the historic centre of the city, where people enjoy dancing, music and traditional food. Around 6 p.m., the downtown streets are literally hosed down and the party moves to the Feria grounds, located on the outskirts of the city near the Palacio de Ferias. This area is transformed into a tent village for the Feria. Every municipality, association and organisation has a caseta, a marquee, here. In these casetas, people dance, sing and enjoy local food and drinks, often until the early hours.
But even during the day, it is worthwhile to go to take a look at the feria grounds.
During the daytime feria, carriages with beautifully dressed people ride through the streets of the Feria village, and proud riders and amazons also ride their horses through the streets to periodically stop in front of a caseta to have a drink.
dayferia in Málaga
In addition to the casetas, other attractions on the Feria grounds include carnival rides, market stalls and performances by flamenco dancers, musicians and horse shows.

When and where will there be a Feria in Andalusia?

Besides Málaga and Seville, Ferias are celebrated in cities and towns throughout Andalusia, each with its own local traditions and charms. An important part of Spanish culture and heritage, these events are a celebration of life, joy and community. Below is the calendar of Ferias in the province of Málaga in 2024. But every year the Feria takes place around the same time and place.
when and where will there be a Feria in Andalusia

Feria calendar province of Málaga 2024


– Feria de Cártama: April 22-28


– Feria de Coín: May 2-5
– Feria de Alhaurín el Grande: May 22-26


– Feria de La Cala del Moral (Rincón de la Victoria): June 27-30
– Feria de Marbella: June 5-11
– Feria de Almayate (Vélez-Málaga): June 27-30
– Feria de la Caleta de Vélez: June 27-30
– Feria de Alhaurín de la Torre: June 21-24
– Feria de Arroyo de la Miel (Benalmádena): June 24-29


– Rincón de la Victoria Fair: 12-16 July
– Álora Fair: 31 July to 4 August
– Estepona Fair: 1-7 July
– Benajarafe Fair (Vélez-Málaga): 11-14 July
– Torre del Mar Fair: 24-28 July
– Cómpeta Fair: 25-28 July
– Sayalonga Fair: 19-21 July
– Almáchar Fair: end of July
– La Viñuela Fair: 25-28 July


– Torre de Benagalbón Fair (Rincón de la Victoria): 1-4 August
– Antequera Fair: 21-25 August
– Pizarra Fair: 14-18 August
– Málaga Fair: 17-24 August
– Benalmádena Fair: 11-15 August
– Chilches Fair (Vélez-Málaga): 8-11 August
– Lagos Fair (Vélez-Málaga): August 2-4
– Tolox Fair: 14-18 August
– Guaro Fair: 21-25 August
– Alameda Fair: first week of August
– Feria de Alcaucín: first weekend in August
– Feria de Algarrobo: first half of August
– Feria de Benahavís: around 15 August
– Feria de Benamargosa: first weekend in August
– Feria de El Burgo: during the week of 28 August
– Feria de Casabermeja: first weekend in August
– Feria de Villanueva de la Concepción: around August 15


– Feria Pedro Romero de Ronda: 2-8 September
– Feria de Mijas: 3-8 September
– Vélez-Málaga Fair: 24-29 September
– Feria de Torremolinos: 25-29 September
– Alfarnate Fair: 11-16 September


– Feria de Nerja: October 9-13
– Feria de Torrox: October 2-6
– Feria de Fuengirola: October 6-12
– Feria de Villanueva del Rosario: around October 7

Dates of other Ferias in Andalusia 2024

– Feria de Abril de Sevilla: April 14-20
– Feria del Caballo de Jerez: 4-11 May
– Feria de Córdoba: May 18-25
– Feria de Granada: May 25-June 1
– Colombinas de Huelva: 29 July – 4 August

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