Books about Andalusia

Books about Andalusia abound. From fun guidebooks about cities, and books about the region’s history to books describing the main attractions. But there are also reading books set in Andalusia. In this blog, we take you on a literary journey through the sunny south of Spain.

Andalusia is a land steeped in history, coloured by a rich culture and blessed with enchanting landscapes. Over the centuries, writers have been inspired by the charm of this region and recorded their experiences and observations in books that offer a deeper insight into the soul of Andalusia.

Books about Andalusia

If you want to immerse yourself in the magic of this region even before you explore it, quickly request the free ebook ‘ Books about Andalusia’ on our website. Here are some books to start your journey through Andalusia.

A book about Ronda

The famous American writer Ernest Hemingway had a strong connection with the beautiful city of Ronda, which you can easily visit from Finca Las Nuevas. He first visited Ronda in the 1930s and was immediately enchanted by the city’s beauty and atmosphere. Hemingway regularly stayed in Ronda and the surrounding area, especially during his time in Spain as a correspondent during the Spanish Civil War. Ronda, with its dramatic cliff landscapes and historical charm, offered Hemingway and many other writers an inspiring environment that influenced his writing.

Ronda books about Andalusia

Hemingway wrote his famous novel ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ there, highlighting the events of the Spanish Civil War. Hemingway’s love for Ronda is also evident in his descriptions of the city and his mentions of it in his correspondence and memoirs. He particularly appreciated Ronda’s bullfighting culture, which he often visited and wrote about in his works.

Bullfighting remains a controversial topic in Spain. For some it is an important part of Spanish culture for others it is sheer animal cruelty. We join the latter group.

Easy reading Books about Andalusia

If you fancy an easy read, you can opt for the book ‘Driving over Lemons, an optimist in Andalusia’, Chris Stewart, a British author, and ex-drummer of Genesis, left for the Alpujarras in the early 1980s. A mountainous region at the foot of the Sierra Nevada northeast of Málaga. He settled in a remote region of the Alpujarras and went to work as a shepherd. In his book, he describes his experiences in this area. Published in 1999, the book quickly became a bestseller and attracted worldwide attention from readers interested in his adventures as a foreigner building his life in Andalusia.

Near us on the mountain, two shepherds also walk with a herd of goats. How nice, then, that you are sitting under the big carob tree with the sound of bells from the grazing goats in the background while reading the book ‘The Alchemist’.

Read the Alchemist in AndalusiaBrazilian author Paulo Coelho wrote the book “The Alchemist” in 1988. The story follows the journey of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd in search of his legend. Along the way, he meets various characters and learns important life lessons about dreams, courage, perseverance and following his heart.

Books about the Spanish Civil War in Andalusia

The Spanish Civil War and the dictatorship that followed had a great impact on Spanish culture and it is still noticeable today. No wonder many books have been written on the subject.

The book ‘As I walked out one midsummer morning’ is very valuable for the residents of Almuñécar. Without knowing it, British writer Laurie Lee is the first to describe life in the seaside town in Granada province leading up to the Spanish Civil War. He describes his experiences (autobiographical) as a 19-year-old in this town and the people he met, giving a vivid picture of the Spain of the time. The encounters and experiences Laurie Lee describes offer insight into the political, social and cultural context of Spain in the 1930s.

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ebooks about Andalusia

Will you come to read a book about Andalusia with us?

As you have already read, Finca Las Nuevas is a wonderful place to enjoy reading a book undisturbed. But it is also a perfect location for day trips to Ronda or Granada, for example. Check our website for availability.books about Andalusia reading at Finca Las Nuevas

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  1. Pascalle van Riel

    It was a book about Queen Isabella that brought me to Andalusia. I actually read several before I arrived at your place. The history, sunshine, olive trees, beaches, and small towns were what I wanted to explore for myself. Plus the Alhambra was a highlight.


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