Archidona, is it also on your list for Andalusia?

Archidona, is it also on your list for Andalusia? Probably not, because you don’t read or see much about it. Still, Archidona is worth visiting. It is located in the interior of the province of Málaga near Antequera.

Day trip to Archidona from Finca Las Nuevas

We have to admit, we too heard of the existence of this village only belatedly. In fact from guests who were with us.

Last year, we visited the village. It was a bright autumn day with a burst of nice sunshine and blue sky. But how different things can turn out? Once we rounded the bend at El Torcal, the sky was grey and the first raindrops fell.

El Torcal is a huge 1,200-metre-high mountain. Also definitely a place that should be on your list of Andalusia. Here you can often see a beautiful example of relief rain. As today.

Anyway, we were now curious about Archidona and continued on our way. After an hour’s drive, through yet another completely different landscape, we reached the village.

streetview Archidona

Archidona, a special village in Andalusia

The village is set in a beautiful rolling landscape with some mountains in the background. Archidona has a long history with quite a few conflicts over the years, due to its strategic location, namely on the natural passage from Seville to Granada. But even before that, in prehistoric times, people lived in the Archidona area. This is evidenced by the finds at the Las Grajas cave. Several relics found in the village, such as pillars, coins and ceramics, recall Romanesque times. In Moorish times, the village was for a time land the capital of the Cora de Rayya, a subdivision of the province of Málaga.


One of the most beautiful squares in Spain

Archidona is not large, but is worth visiting for, among other things, its large octagonal square that dates back to the 18th century. The square has been named one of the most beautiful squares in Spain. In 2007 it was awarded as ‘First Wonder of the province of Málaga.

At the square, you can get a map and information guide from the tourist information, so you can easily take a walk around the village and immediately have some background information on the sights.

Another attraction of Archidona is the fort, which rises high above the village. Through the octagonal square, you can take a nice walk through the quiet village before walking up a zigzag road to the fort. From here, you have a nice view of the surrounding area. Below the ruins of the castle is the mosque, which is now the church of the Virgin of Gracia, the village’s patron saint.

Archidona, Ermita de Virgen de Gracia

Fuente de los Cien Caños

Visiting the village is not a day activity, but if you are still in the area, you can take a nice walk to Fuente de los Cien Caños at Villanueve del Trabuco. Or the hundred fountains, but in reality there are 101. Robert counted them!!!

Ebook hiking trails

At the Fuente de los Cien Caños is the origin of the Río Guadalhorce. The river flows through the Guadalhorce valley near Álora and Cártama. It is a favourite spot on weekends when many Spanish families enjoy a picnic at the large nearby recreation area. The walking route is varied, along country lanes, through the forest and past olives. You can check out the route soon in the ebook Hiking Trails, which you can request for free on our website. If you want the route before then, send us a message.

Fuente de los Cien Caños nearby Archidona

Unfortunately, when we went to Fuente de los 101 caños, there was not a drop of water in sight. So the 101 fountains looked desolate. The rain of the past few days has ensured that the fountains can now be seen again in all their glory. Check here to get an impression.

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