Córdoba, a pleasant city in Andalusia

Córdoba is a pleasant city to get lost in. In this blog, we give you several tips for a fun day out. The city of Córdoba is more than two hours drive from Finca Las Nuevas. But because there is little traffic, it is easily done as a day trip from our holiday homes.

Tip 1: Parking in Córdoba

Strolling through a city can be tiring, and you usually make several kilometres unnoticed. That is why a parking space near the city centre is very nice.
We find the Centro Histórico car park at Avenida de los Custodios 2 convenient. If you cross the parking lot, you can walk straight through the gate of the city wall into the old centre.

Tip 2: The patios of Córdoba

Every year, the first two weeks of May, Córdoba is dominated by flowery courtyards; the patios. In the old centre of the city, you will find beautiful courtyards hidden behind the doors of many houses. These courtyards are decorated from top to bottom with many colourful flowers.

The residents of the courtyards compete every year for the prize of the most beautiful courtyard. Visitors are allowed to view the courtyards. Many are free, but a voluntary contribution is appreciated. For some courtyards, you can buy an entrance ticket for several courtyards.

patios of Córdoba

If you are not in the area in May, various courtyards can also be visited outside these two weeks. More information about La Fiesta de los Patios can be found here.

Tip 3: Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

This is a beautiful fortress and palace with Roman and Moorish influences that played an important role in the history of Córdoba. In Roman times it had the character of a fortress and later it became a royal residence. After that, this complex served as a prison for a long time.

Nowadays, it is a museum where beautiful mosaics can be seen. The gardens of the complex are definitely worth a visit. It is wise to order tickets online in advance.

Alcázar in Córdoba

Tip 4: Mezquita

The highlight of Córdoba is a visit to the Mezquita. This building is on the world heritage list and was built as a mosque. Plans of mosques in Damascus and Jerusalem inspired the floor plan. The building is divided into eleven naves with numerous arches painted red and white. Later the mosque was renamed a cathedral and chapels were built on the sides of the building.

In short, an extraordinary building that you should see. Don’t forget to buy a ticket online to avoid disappointment.

mesquite of Córdoba

In the summer the temperatures in Córdoba can rise quite a bit. Planning a visit to the Mezquita between 13:00 and 17:00 is recommended. It is nice and cool in the church and you get energy again to continue exploring the city.

Tip 5: Juderia, the Jewish quarter

Around the Mezquita, it is a maze of narrow streets with cosy restaurants and nice shops. It’s super fun to wander through here and get lost. Eventually, you will always come across a landmark to find your way back.

Tip 6: Roman bridge

Córdoba is built on the Guadalquivir River. You can cross this river via the beautiful Romanesque bridge at the height of the Mezquita. The bridge was built in the first century AD. And has since been rebuilt several times. The last changes were made in 1876.
Across the bridge, you have a great view of the sand-coloured structures of the old town of Córdoba. At night, the old town is beautifully lit.

Cordoba by night

There is so much more to experience in Córdoba

There is so much more to experience in Córdoba For example, viewing the stables of the Spanish riding school, beautiful old merchant houses, and the large rectangular square; Plaza de la Corredera. Here you will also find many cosy restaurants and tapas bars and in the morning you can visit the covered market; Mercado de la Corredera fun to do.

Cordoba and tapas

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