Hike through the Río Chillar; vlog

A hike through the Río Chillar is a perfect activity to do in Summer. Going for a walk during a heat wave may seem a little weird. However, this walk is perfect for hot days.

Warm weather sometimes makes you a bit lifeless. But if you’re tired of spending the day by the pool and just want to be active again, why not go for a walk?

Where does the hike through the Río Chillar start?

The hike through the Río Chillar had been on our wish list for a while, but now we finally found the time to take this river walk. From Finca Las Nuevas you can drive to Nerja within an hour and a half.

The walk starts just outside the town. We parked the car in Calle Mirto, the navigation will let you drive another mile, but you are officially not allowed to park there. So if you don’t want a fine, park your car somewhere in Calle Mirto.

The first 1.5 km are therefore not the nicest meters to walk, but it is worth it.

hiking through a river in Andalusia

Preparations for the hike through the Río Chillar

After the first mile, you will enter the dry riverbed (at least in summer). You walk over stones, and later there is no other option than to walk through the water. Because the stones can be slippery, it is useful to wear sports shoes with some profile and a somewhat thicker sole. Otherwise, you will quickly feel all the stones under your feet. Also, don’t forget to bring a waterproof bag, to keep your things dry in case you slip or your chaperon gets you nice and wet as a joke.

We always think it would be so nice if we would come across a cosy tea garden with tasty cakes on the way, but unfortunately, that is not the case with this walk. So make sure you have enough drinking water and other refreshments with you.

Length of the Río Chillar walk

If you want to walk all the way to the waterfall at the end, you are walking about 7 km and you have to go back the same way. You walk upstream on the way there, which makes walking a bit harder. Fortunately, this makes the way back a bit faster.

Hiking with children

This walk is certainly fun to do with children. Since it takes a while for the fun part to start, they do need some stamina. But once they get to the water, they’re sure to enjoy themselves. And of course, you don’t have to walk all the way to the end. You can also look for a somewhat deeper part of the river and have a nice swim there.

Do you already feel like going for a walk? You can get an idea in this video.


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