Hiking around Málaga; vlog

Hiking around Málaga is surprisingly fun. There are beautiful walks to be found, and each has its charm. Of course, in a beautiful nature, which is slightly different every time.

Walking in Pizarra

In our e-book “Walks in Málaga“, you will find many ideas for a long or short walk in the Málaga area. If you are looking for a walk with a view of the green Guadalhorce valley, this walk in the Sierra de Gibralmora near Pizarra is a good option.

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It is a relatively short walk to a higher viewpoint, but very varied.

You start in the forest, where many Spanish families gather for picnics and barbecues on weekends. Then you walk between high rocks and climb up a narrow stone staircase. There is a nice cave to take a break from, and the last part is via a narrow mountain path overlooking the Guadalhorce valley.

walking in Pizarra

The surroundings of Málaga

De Guadalhorce Valley is a fertile valley along the Guadalhorce River which flows into the sea at Málaga. The valley is known for its citrus trees. Standing on either side of the Guadalhorce River. Many of the oranges and lemons that you buy at the supermarket come from here. You also overlook white mountain villages such as Álora, Casarabonela, Zalea, Cerralba, Coin and Pizarra.

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Hike with a fantastic view

At the top of the mountain is a large statue depicting the sacred heart of Jesus. In 1916, a count gave the order to have a two-and-a-half-meter-high statue made. The statue with the sacred heart of Jesus was made of bronze and cast iron and stood on a rotating plate. During the Civil War, this statue was destroyed, and a cross has been replaced.

In 1995 the cross was replaced by another image with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. To get an idea of this walk, you can watch this vlog and you will find the route in our ebook.


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