Walking trail through water in Andalusia

A Walking trail through water in Andalusia is a lovely activity for warm summer days. In this blog, you will read more about a refreshing walk near Finca Las Nuevas.

Walking trail through water at Barranco Blanco

Between Coín and Alhaurin el Grande, you’ll find an adventurous walk through a river. The ravine of the Alaminos River, known as Barranco Blanco is the perfect setting for a fantastic hike.
This piece of nature has a huge contrast to the surrounding country. Along the river is a lush vegetation of reeds, trees and shrubs in various shades of green. Very different from the environment that turns golden yellow in summer.

The area inherits its name from the limestone cliffs that are located on both sides of the river. The underground river sees the surface somewhere around here and supplies crystal-clear water all year round. Even in summer, the water is wonderfully cool.

walking trail through the river of Barranco Blanco

Walking trail through water

From the parking lot, you follow an asphalt road down. This is not the nicest part, but unfortunately, the road to the car park below is closed to traffic in the summer. Once down, the environment makes it up and you soon see a river flowing. The walk takes you upstream.

In the beginning, you can still try to keep your feet dry, but soon the vegetation along the side becomes so dense that you still have to go into the water.

Wearing sturdy shoes is not a luxury, because the stones in the river are slippery and sometimes you have to clamber over some stones. One moment you can walk up to your ankles in the water before you know you might stand in the water up to your waist.

Tip: Don’t forget to bring a waterproof bag so you can keep your things dry.

After half an hour’s walk, the river widens and there is a small lake where you can swim. The water has now risen above your head here. (Although it can also be completely dry here in winter.)

walking trail through water

Combine a walk with swimming

For the adventurous among us, there is a rope to make you feel like a real Tarzan or Jane. This is a perfect place to take a break and then start your way back.

Optionally, you can swim across the lake and climb up the rocks at the end. Above you reach a second larger lake with, if you are lucky, a waterfall. It looks heavenly above, you might forget tyou are in Spain for a moment.

walking trail through water and swimming

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