Way to Finca Las Nuevas coming from Álora

For the route to Álora, it is better not to use the navigation from Finca Las Nuevas. It is better to drive straight ahead at the entrance. Before the S-curve, turn right and you will pass a house with a strange point. At the end of the road, you turn right, then straight on and turn left at the main road to Alora.

From Álora

From Álora take the road towards Valle de Abdalajis, a343. After barriada Bellavista, i.e. after the built-up area, turn right just after a small bridge, there is a large tile tableau with Ermita de las Cruces on it. Just before the little bridge, there is a bus stop on the left and a little shop La Gavia with a bag of oranges on the road on the right. You can set navigation to Ermita de las tres Cruces!

road to Finca Las Nuevas from Álora

If you have gone under the high railway bridge, you have driven too far and have to go back and look for a bus stop and a bag of oranges outside. You drive up as you go. Follow the road for about 20 min. At some point there is a y junction, straight up it becomes a concrete road, left off the dirt road there is a sign Arroyo Ancon/MONTESINOS. Take the road to the left. CAUTION, you will encounter this turnoff before, do not take it otherwise you will still end up in the riverbed. (If you have set your navigation to Ermita, it will be about 2 km to the Ermita from this point).

Continue driving, at the t-junction turn left and immediately left again up the mountain road. Follow the sign MONTESINOS. Our house is 500 metres ahead of a fence with two yellow gnomes.