Best time to visit Andalusia

The best time to visit Andalusia depends on the activities you are planning to do or do not want to do. In this blog, you can read more about the weather in southern Spain.

What is the temperature in Andalusia in…?

At Finca Las Nuevas we often get questions regarding the weather. In summer guests are curious to know what the weather will look like in winter and how warm it is at our mountain. While in autumn guests wonder if it truly is hot in the summertime.

Of course, the weather is not the same each year. For example, in the winter of 2017, it was snowing after 60 years of no snow. Spring 2020 was wet and in 2021 the record for the warmest day was broken with a temperature of 47,2 degrees in Montoro (a village half an hour drive from Córdoba.

This gave us the idea to film our mountain twice a month. Same time every time. This gives a good overview of the weather in Andalusia. Of course, the film was captured at the moment, the day before or after could have looked different. Though with over 300 sunny days a year in Andalusia it is a pleasure to spend your time here!

Best time to visit Andalusia for a walking holiday

Do you love walking, then you can visit Andalusia any time around the year. But we think nature is at its best during Springtime. At the end of January, the almond trees blossom. The pink blossom contrasts beautifully with the fresh green grass on the hills. Blossom season for the almond trees is short. The fragile leaves are gone within a week or two. This time the first flowers appear. Starting with the yellow and purple flowers followed by the orange and sometime later the pink flowers popped up.

Spring in Andalusia

From the end of January till March you can find different kinds of orchids in the damp areas around Finca Las Nuevas. Absolutely stunning.

Just when we think the winter is finished by the end of February/beginning of March it can become chilly in Andalusia and temperature drops. This is of course relatively, as mornings won’t start colder than 5 degrees. On a rare occasion, we have some night frost. But in the five years, we have been living here we only had these 2 or 3 days. During the day the temperature rises to 10-15 degrees and if you find some sheltered place it is lovely to sit outside in the sun. As soon as the sun sets it becomes chilly again. Luckily we have a hot tub!

winter in Andalusia

If you like to see the abundance of flowers, you better visit Andalusia a bit later in the year. From the beginning of April till mid-May the sides of the dusty roads and the hills are covered by multicoloured flowers. We reckon this is the most beautiful time of year to go for a walk. The weather is lovely, not too warm, but warm enough to walk in your T-shirt.

best time to visit Andalusia is spring

But even December has days where you start the day wearing a jumper and around midday, you are in your t-shirt to finish the day in your jumper again.

From July till mid-September, you can also visit Andalusia for a walking holiday, but this needs some more preparation. You can look for walks with some shade or through a river to keep your head cool.

Best time to visit Andalusia for sun lovers

Some people are desperate to feel the warmth on their skin. As I mentioned before, with over 300 sunny days a year in Andalusia, this is not hard to find. That is the reason you can visit Andalusia the whole year round. Outside terraces are open all year. If you find yourself a wind-free spot temperature can easily rise to 18-22 degrees and you can feel the sun beans tickle your face.

As everybody knows May to mid-October is the best time to soak up the sun at the beach or at the pool.

best time to visit Andalusia for sun lovers

Best time for a city trip or culture trip in Andalusia

Any month of the year will do for a city or culture trip in Andalusia. In the high summer months, July and August temperatures increase in the inland, where you find the cities of Córdoba, Granada, Sevilla and also Ronda. Of course, you can find some refreshments during your stay by visiting a museum, church or other ancient buildings. The narrow streets in many villages and cities are often covered by shades, to create some shade in the streets.

Nevertheless, if you can choose your time to visit, spring and autumn are the best times to indulge yourself in Spanish culture in Andalusia.

best time to visit Andalusia for a culture trip

Best holiday home in Andalusia

Do you want to be sure you have a lovely holiday home at your best time for a visit, reserve your stay at Finca Las Nuevas. From our little mountain, Málaga is a 40 minutes drive away as is the beach and the airport. And also the cities Córdoba, Granada en Sevilla you can visit on a day trip.

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