Granada day trip

Granada day trip is worth to do from Finca Las Nuevas. Granada is often mentioned together with Córdoba, Sevilla and Málaga, the beautiful cultural cities of Andalusia. Each city has its highlight. The Alhambra an imposing complex dating back to the Moorish time is the one for Granada.

Many guests at Finca Las Nuevas take a day trip to the city of Granada, which is a two-hour drive away. Except for the Alhambra, the city is also beautiful for a stroll around. But on the way, you’ll find plenty more to enjoy.

Canyon walk

On your way in, you can make a stop at Monachil. Here you can go for a lovely walk through the cañon de Los Cahorros. Especially in the summertime, this is a pleasant walk. Leaving the village on foot you walk along the river via sand roads, suspension bridges, small paths and even some narrow concrete paths next to the water. You can read more about it in our ebook ‘Walking trails’ which you can download for free on our website.

Granada los Cahorros

Wandering in a fairy tale setting

Once arrived in Granada, the Alhambra rises high above the city within the background the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. In winter the mountains make this view even more beautiful when the mountains are covered by snow. The Alhambra is an imposing complex, consisting of a fortress, palaces, a monastery and gardens. Not without reason, this monument is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Besides buildings of the Moorish time, you can also find influences from the Renaissance. You can easily spend a couple of hours at the Alhambra as it has a surface of 140 thousand square meters.

Granada Alhambra

Don’t forget to order your ticket in advance, otherwise, you will miss the best part; the Nasrid palace.

A palace that makes you think of the fairy tale 1001 Nights. The palace is richly decorated with amazing colourful tiles, water features, beautiful see-throughs and many more. The official website for the best fare tickets you can find here.

Another tip: On your ticket, you’ll find a time slot, this is the time to visit the Nasrid Palace. One of our guests thought it was time to enter the Alhambra. After they saw everything, they made their way to the Nasrid Palace, but unfortunately, they were not allowed to enter anymore.

In case you were not able to buy a ticket, it is worth walking up the hill to the Alhambra. A couple of sights are free to visit without a ticket. At least you can get an idea of this fantastic place. The city centre of Granada is also worth paying a visit. there are many small alleys with shops, which remind you of an African souk.

Terrific lookout in Granada

Would you like to see from a distance how big the Alhambra is? then you must go to Mirador de San Nicolas. It is quite a climb, but once upon the top, you’ll have a fantastic view of the Alhambra.

Granada view on Alhambra

Do you also want to spend the evening in Granada, then we can recommend you a visit to the area of Sacromonte This quarter is known for the gipsies and in the evenings you can hear music and vocals coming from the bars, which are situated in the carved hills at Camino de Sacromonte. This is the place to enjoy Flamenco in Granada.

Watching the sunset

Another option to spend the afternoon or evening is at the beach. In Granada, you can take another exit road (via Motril) to drive in the direction of the sea. The coastline is contrary to the coast west of Málaga, more jagged with small pebble stone bays. For finding a lovely beach you can check our website.

If you prefer something else than a beach, you can leave the coast of Nerja and drive into the mountains. After ten minutes you will reach the cosy whitewashed mountain village of Frigiliana. It is very nice to go for a pleasant walk through the small streets.

beaches in Granda province

p.s. would you like to get some more ideas for a lovely holiday in Andalusia? We are happy to give you other tips during your stay on our mountain. Do we see you soon?

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