Drawing and painting in Andalusia

Drawing and painting in Andalusia are fantastic. The area has a wide variety of landscapes. From endless sandy beaches to picturesque villages and rolling hills with almond and olive trees to rough rocks.

creative in Andalusia

At Finca Las Nuevas you can unwind. Nothing has to be done, everything is possible. You can easily adapt to the tranquil pace of the Spanish. Some guests love to hang around and wait and see what the day will bring. They will search for some paper, pens, markers or paint and get inspired by the surroundings. They draw or paint the Andalusian landscape or what pops up in mind.

In the garden, we have various seats in different spots, which invite you to be creative. So now and then we’ll see the results of this relaxation. Gipsy our campo-poodle loves to pose, the more attention she gets, the better. But also the flat stones invite you to make pen drawings.

Watercolour painting in Andalusia

In Springtime, the sides of the dusty roads are covered in many colourful flowers. This is a beautiful scene for a watercolour painting. How cool is it, to sit in the sun working on such a colourful painting?

painting in Andalusia

Also, the sky often looks like a piece of art. Sometimes the clouds in the sky look like passing UFOs. And at night as the setting sun turns the sky red it might inspire you to paint or draw the sky and to experiment with mixing paint on your palette.

sun set at Finca Las Nuevas

still life of nature’s treasures


We love it when people let flow their creativity here. Besides drawing and painting some guests make still lifes of the treasures they have found in nature, such as beautiful stones, feathers, flowers or seedpods of plants and trees which are exposed on the garden table. Nature is so beautiful that it makes you do something with it. The other day we were cutting wood. Our eyes fell on the beautiful gnarled roots of an olive tree. Instead of cutting blocks for the log burner, we cut some thin slices of it. We sanded them and treated them with oil and here you go, lovely tapas plates are the result! The woodpile is still there though!

still live of nature's treasures

Would you rather leave the drawing and painting to others?

In case you are not that handy with drawing and painting, you can always go to Málaga to enjoy some beautiful Spanish scenes at the Carmen Thyssen museum or have a look at the paintings of the world-famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, who by the way was born in Málaga. Are modern paintings more your cup of tea, than the CAC, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, is a good option for you. Or maybe a guided tour in the Soho area, where there are many trendy murals. Are you more into some activity, the Museo de la Imaginación in Málaga is fun for you? Here you can be a part of a 3D painting. Also a fun outing for kids and teenagers. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Are we seeing you drawing and painting in Andalusia soon?

Here you can have a look at our holiday homes in the hills of álora.

Drawing and painting in Andalusia


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